April 21, 2024

Earth Day Ride to Eglinton + Beltline Riding

Earlier today, Cycle Toronto’s Midtown ward group hosted their Earth Day ride which about 20 people attended. The ride started at Davisville station and rolled along Yonge, Davenport, and Winona before arriving at Ben Nobleman Par where Cycle Toronto had an engagement tent to promote the eglintonTOday project ahead of the May 2 IEC meeting.

Marjorie Nichol (right) – who also volunteered for the Yonge4All campaign – mentioned this was the third time she organized this Earth Day ride.

Before leaving, Alison Stewart took this group photo.

Off we go down Yonge!

Turning onto Davenport.

Our group on the Davenport bike lanes.

Passing by George Brown College. The stretch of Davenport west of Dupont badly needs to be upgraded with protection.

On Winona, we saw Councillor Mike Colle walking his dog. He sits on the Infrastructure & Environment Committee (IEC).

Crossing St. Clair Avenue.

This truck and trailer were blocking the Winona contraflow. Really?

Continuing along Winona.

On the new Eglinton bike lanes which the eglintonTOday project aims to complete from Keele Street to Mount Pleasant Road. Metrolinx built the bike lanes in front of stations, the surface stretch east of Brentcliffe Road, and from Avenue Road to Holly Street. I wrote about the Leslie to Avenue stretch last month.

A Go Dutch tent was present when we arrived at Ben Nobleman Park.

Alison was telling participants about the eglintonTOday project which Cycle Toronto has a petition in support of.

A couple of volunteers from the Ben Nobleman Park Community Orchard were present. They mentioned there were several apple, sweet cherry, sour cherry, and apricot trees in the park and that their volunteers help manage it. Their group also organizes community harvests each year.

The Cycle Toronto tent was being set up by the time I left to ride the Beltline Trail.

The Allen Greenway is currently a sidewalk, but the Beltline Gap Connections project will upgrade this to a multi-use path. The commenting period has passed but the item is expected to come to IEC on May 28, 2024.

The bridge on Roselawn Avenue will gain a bi-directional cycle track on the south side which is on the left of this photo.

Another bi-directional cycle track will be installed on Marlee Avenue to connect to the York Beltline Trail and continue south to Eglinton.

The York Beltline Trail has several stations along the route. This one is at Salinas Court.

Crossing the Dufferin Street bridge.

The Ronald Avenue crossing needs some curb cut-outs and a pedestrian crossover to make accessing this trail safer.

A signalized pedestrian and bicycle crossing was installed at Caledonia Avenue.

The trail ends at Bowie Avenue. However, a contraflow bike lane is planned on Croham Road to connect the York Beltline Trail to Eglinton.

The area between Caledonia and Bowie is mostly employment lands.

The Kay Gardner Beltline Trail is always busy, though I wished this trail was paved like the York Beltline. After the Beltline, I took Yonge Street home.

Thanks Marjorie and Cycle Toronto Midtown for organizing today’s ride. I will prepare a separate post about the upcoming IEC meeting when the agenda is released later this week.

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