November 28, 2023

Finch West LRT November 2023 Update

Back in October, I did a site check along the entire Finch West LRT corridor from Finch West (at Keele) to Humber College stations. At the time, I noted the multi-use paths under Highway 400 from Arrow to Oakdale and along Highway 27 were substantially completed, though a lot of work remained for the remaining cycle tracks. Since Metrolinx was doing final paving this month and it’s starting to get too cold to ride the scooter to work, I did a final site check for 2023 from Finch West to Jane and Finch stations on my way home this afternoon.

The Keele and Jane intersection was still under construction. However, one piece of good news is the cycle track form now extends all the way to Keele Street. And slightly east of Keele.

There is still some work needed at intersections such as at Jane and Finch.

Once you pass the Jane Finch Mall driveway, the cycle track has its final asphalt layer and is finally rideable.

Some pylons were left around at the Driftwood stop.

Just past the pylons, there is a short dirt section before the cycle track resumes.

A water main was sticking out east of Driftwood which obstructed the cycle track.

Just before Tobermory, a bus stop sign was left in the middle of the cycle track. Seriously?

At Black Creek, there is a very wide multi-use path next to the cycle track …

Which leads to a future connection to the Black Creek Trail.

At Sentinel, there is another serious cycle track gap at the intersection.

Here is one more shot of the smooth cycle track east of Sentinel.

The finished cycle track ends just before the James Cardinal McGuigan Catholic High School.

A Toronto Star article from Lex Harvey noted the Finch West LRT work was progressing smoothly and that the only part of construction that may spill into 2024 is the multi-use path under the CP Rail corridor from Weston to Arrow.

It remains to be seen how much of the cycle tracks along the Finch West LRT the City of Toronto will count as completed for 2023, but the Finch West LRT will make getting around by transit and bike a lot easier for residents of northwest Toronto. I look forward to riding the finished product next year.

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