October 24, 2023

October 2023 Finch West LRT Report

Back in June, I did my initial review of the Finch West LRT construction from Finch West to Jane and Finch stations to find out what people who bike can expect along the corridor. However, that only represented about two of the ten kilometres which will be affected by this new transit project. For my day off today, I checked out the full corridor to see what has changed since June including the Highway 400 interchange.

The Keele and Finch intersection – where Finch West subway station is located – is still a mess.

A couple of “watch your speed” signs could be found along the corridor, but why would Mosaic Transit Group – Metrolinx’s contractor – place them right on the cycle track?

While the cycle tracks may appear to be completed at Sentinel as reported last time, a second layer of asphalt will be needed before they can be deemed operational. More on this later on.

The LRT stations have new “T” signage, but a lot of intersections still need work.

The part just west of Jane and Finch looks smoother now, but it’s unfortunate Mosaic still hasn’t done at least one asphalt layer four months later.

Here is a shot of the Maintenance & Storage Facility (MSF) where you can make out the new trains.

The stretch by the MSF has at least one coat of asphalt for its cycle track portion.

The sidewalk at Norfinch Drive appears to be dug up. Makes me wonder whether a multi-use path is in the works to connect the Finch West LRT all the way to the Finch Hydro Corridor?

UPDATE 2023/10/25 - Thanks to city staff, I was forwarded Motion EX13.9 from 2016 which contained the below map showing the Finch Hydro Corridor correction.

Unfortunately, Norfinch / Oakdale didn’t have a smooth connection to the path crossing Highway 400, so I had to look at it from a distance when heading westbound.

The temporary pedestrian access under Highway 400 appears safer now than it was before, though it appears pedestrians and cyclists will be directed to the trail on the south side of Finch once everything opens given the sidewalk is now gone.

Finch West had a lot of diversions to the opposing side including from Signet Arrow to Weston which is among the least developed along the entire corridor with station structures still wrapped in plastic.

The cycle track picks up again by the Burger King west of Weston Road.

However, the cycle tracks tend to disappear and reappear including at Pearldale Avenue.

Some parts of Finch West such as by the pedestrian bridge east of Kipling Avenue have pavement cuts for the curbs which lead to a vey uneven surface in the cycle track portion. Not exactly rideable.

Kipling Avenue also has some sidewalks removed north of Finch. Could this be converted to a multi-use path to allow for a continuous path from Finch to Steeles instead of crossing at Mt Olive Drive?

The Humber College portal at Westmore Drive has at least one asphalt layer for its cycle track and unfortunately a porta-potty blocking it. Cue in the memes as you see fit. 😉

A crossing island can be found at Finch and Highway 27.

However, the west side of Highway 27 has only a sidewalk next to the LRT corridor.

Finally made it to Humber College station.

After crossing Highway 27 to head back, I was thrilled to see a new wide multi-use path on the east side from Humber College Boulevard to Finch. Except at intersections, it’s finished enough to ride on! 😊

On the way back, I found the first stretch of cycle track with the second layer of asphalt and can be deemed as completed. It runs from Islington Avenue to Ardwick Boulevard (western entrance).

And in true Toronto fashion, that cycle track has already been blocked.

Here is a look from Jayzel Drive with lots of construction activity visible.

Some bike lane signage has already been put up but flipped around.

Some road work happening by Lindy Lou Park.

The part that leaves me with the most question marks is how will cyclists be accommodated from Weston to Signet Arrow given the sidewalk on the south side is closed?

UPDATE 2023/10/25 - Motion EX13.9 also contained the below image showing how the multi-use path crossing Highway 400 would go under the CP Rail line.

At Arrow Road, the new multi-use path crossing Highway 400 begins.

Since this is probably the first documented ride of that new path, I shared this video on Twitter going under the Highway 400 on-ramp.

This trail is a HUGE improvement for cycling – smooth and wide – and will hopefully mean fewer deaths such as what happened near this interchange in 2020 per Jun N’s blog post. Should also lead to a safer connection between the Humber River Trail and the Finch Hydro Corridor.

Unfortunately, this trail ended just before Oakdale / Norfinch. If only the trail could be extended to the intersection, cyclists could take advantage of the new trail right now!

A bicycle light – with additional bike lane signage flipped around – can be found at Oakdale Road.

The on-and-off cycle tracks continue from Oakdale all the way to just before Keele.

One question that remains is which parts of the cycle tracks along the Finch West LRT corridor will be open by the end of this year. However, new paths such as along Highway 27 and through the Highway 400 interchange are great improvements, while I look forward to seeing the full route finish. Probably in 2024.


  1. I really like this block. Good job RZaichowski

  2. This LRT project is definitely a work in progress Rob - thanks for doing this due diligence!

  3. I rode this route the same day or the day after you and agree with everything posted.