May 24, 2024

May 2024 Bloor Bike Lane Construction

Yesterday after work, I took my scooter – which city council unfortunately voted to continue banning that day – to Bloor Street in Etobicoke to check the progress of bike lane construction west of Aberfoyle Crescent which officially started. Here are a few photos I took from this latest site check.

The construction closed off the westbound traffic lanes per the above photo, but one lane in each direction was maintained.

Here’s a truck with some paint cans and crews painting in diagonal lines between the traffic and bike lane.

A closer look at one of the machines used for the painting.

A mixture of recently painted lines and temporary markings; the latter of which Albert Koehl and I saw last Friday.

The stencil on the left is a straight arrow while the one on the right is a bicycle symbol. 😊

More temporary markings and painted stencils at Green Lanes along with one of the workers.

Immediately past this TTC and GO rail bridge is where the Six Points cycle tracks begin. Consider this one of the last photos you will see without a bike lane under that bridge.

Just before I took the subway home at Islington, I briefly spoke with Kanchan with the Cycling & Pedestrian Unit. She informed me the painting of the westbound bike lanes was expected to be done that evening (Thursday) while the eastbound traffic lanes will be closed starting on Friday (today) to paint the other side. The kind of progress that’s music to my ears!

Here's a Twitter thread she posted with some more photos.

Thanks to the City of Toronto’s Cycling and Pedestrian Unit, all the advocates including from Community Bikeways, and councillors such as Amber Morley for making the Bloor West Complete Street Extension a reality. To celebrate this occasion (and cycling culture in Etobicoke), Community Bikeways will be hosting Bike Day in Islington Village on Saturday, June 1.

For some other good news for people who bike, the eglintonTOday Complete Street was approved by city council yesterday with a 20 to 1 vote. No need to say who that nay-sayer is. 😉

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