April 15, 2024

Memorial Ride for Vlad Zotov

Last Monday, 59-year-old Vlad Zotov with the Morning Glory Cycling Club was killed on Bayview Avenue just south of Evergreen Brickworks. This latest tragedy marks the third cyclist killed in Toronto within the past three months with the other two happened in Scarborough at Brimley & McNicoll and near Warden & St. Clair. By the time Helen and I arrived at Bloor & Spadina, Matt Cohen Park was packed unlike any of the other memorial rides I could remember. During the ride, someone mentioned over 400 cyclists turned out tonight, while there was a lot of media present.

We brought Mozzie for tonight’s ride for emotional support (and to brighten the mood, of course).

Here’s the ghost bike and banner ready to go.

The ride starting to assemble on Spadina Avenue.

Off we go with Joey Schwartz and Geoffrey Bercarich in front as usual.

Approaching Davenport Road.

Bicycles as far as the eye can see as we were about to turn onto Belmont Avenue.

Descending Rosedale Valley Road.

I recorded a video of the ride at this location which I had to do double speed to be able to upload to Twitter.

Riding eastbound on Rosedale Valley Road.

Turning left onto Bayview Avenue.

Along Bayview Avenue.

Here’s another video along Bayview as we got closer to the crash site.

The crowd at Bayview was so large that the police ended up closing off Bayview north of the Don Valley Parkway access road. The last time cyclists took over Bayview was for ActiveTO during COVID.

Here’s a 360-degree video I took to show the crowd.

Michael Longfield of Cycle Toronto holding the banner as Geoffrey sets up the ghost bike.

Geoffrey with the ghost bike.

Here’s a video of Joey Schwartz calling on everyone to take a minute of silence to remember Vlad Zotov.

A still shot during the moment of silence.

There were no speeches after the moment of silence, so Joey called everyone to head to Evergreen Brickworks before dispersing. Helen, Mozzie, and I took the Bayview path the other way home.

Here’s a final picture of the ghost bike with the crowd behind.

Thanks’s Advocacy for Respect for Cyclists and the Morning Glory Cycling Club for putting together tonight’s ride. RIP Vlad Zotov and remember, you never ride alone.

Here is some coverage of the memorial ride courtesy of the Toronto Star, CBC, and CP24. And even while he's out of the country, Jun N still got a tribute out on his blog.

Thanks Keenan M for taking this picture of Mozzie and me during the ride.


  1. Nicely done Rob!

  2. Good work Rob!

  3. Thanks for the post!

  4. Thanks for the details and pics. I wan't able to participate.

  5. There is a fabulous off-road path which parallels the road and is removed from the traffic. It is a few feet away and clearly visible in the photos in this post. It boggles the mind why anyone would choose to bike in the rapid, mixed traffic of the Bayview extension given that there is such an enormously safer alternative right there. I cycle this section frequently, almost daily at times, and it amazes me how many cyclists I see choosing the road, which was once signed for 70 km/h and which is still treated as such by many or even most of the motorists, when there is an immensely safer alternative right there. It is not even out of the way, it is right there. you have to actually try to not use it.