July 31, 2013

Why Must We Think Long Term?

To follow up on the Q&A session with Marty the Health Guy, I came across a book called “Above the Board” by Patrizia Porrini, Lorene Hiris, and Gina Poncini. Marty’s views on the ineffectiveness of legislation were confirmed by this book from a business ethics perspective. In addition to the importance of ethics and long term thinking, this post will discuss their application to Toronto’s ongoing transit debate.

July 11, 2013

The Role of Business in Promoting Health

Behind the mic with Marty "The Healthy Guy" Menard... 

Individuals, community organizations, and governments all have roles to play in improving political health. However, one cannot underestimate the role of business either. This post will not be focused on the pros and cons of capitalism, but rather on areas where businesses can contribute better than governments

To help make this case, I have done a Q&A with Marty the Health Guy – owner of Elite PersonalTraining Studio and spokesperson for BestLifeRewarded – in response to his podcast on Incentivizing Health with former CFL linebacker & University of Toronto Clinical Researcher Marc Mitchell dated May 11, 2013.