April 19, 2020

RANT - Toronto's Carservative Resistance

All right, folks! I need to rant.

During the seven years I have been advocating for safer streets for people who bike in Toronto, it seems no other city in North America has done more to resist improving cycling (or reducing space for cars) than right here. This kind of frustration has been felt by many including by those who have been advocating a lot longer than I have. One such advocate – Hamish – even had a term for this kind of culture which is “carservative”. To be fair, the recent push to create health corridors in Toronto is just the latest in a long tradition of carservative resistance.
The Gardiner Expressway has been a source of contention in recent years

April 11, 2020

Physical Distancing during COVID-19 - Part 2

Happy Easter long weekend! The idea of closing traffic lanes or parking to allow physical distancing during COVID-19 has been really catching on around the world. Since my last update about the car ban at High Park, I have heard of eight Canadian cities that have adopted some form of traffic lane or parking closure on their streets.
Even Brampton got the message on traffic lane closures. Why can't Toronto? (via Lisa Stokes)
  • Calgary
  • Winnipeg
  • London
  • Vancouver
  • Montréal
  • Kitchener
  • Brampton
  • Edmonton
Gil Meslin created a useful thread about these cities while Dr. Tab Combs created a crowd sourced list of cities around the world which took (or considered) some form of COVID-19 action.

April 06, 2020

Physical Distancing during COVID-19

Over the past month, the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has dominated the headlines along with constant reminders to stay (and work from) home, maintain social physical distancing, wash your hands, and self isolate for 14 days after recent travel. Canadian cities such as Calgary, Winnipeg, and London have been closing traffic lanes to give people who walk or bike the space they need. Toronto has no plans to follow suit at this time over fears the street closures would entice people to congregate. However, there is one exception.

April 03, 2020

Etobicoke Creek Trail Update

Good afternoon, folks! Hope everyone is coping with COVID-19 to the best of their abilities. Earlier this week, I biked along the Humber River, Eglinton West, and Etobicoke Creek Trails while maintaining physical distancing and found some useful updates.
For something to lift your spirits, one of the trees on the Humber River Trail was decorated with Easter eggs. Something much needed during these unprecedented times.