October 31, 2013

All in the (very scary) Community

An ode to Bishop's University - where Halloween is a national holiday! 

Even outside of political campaigns, not for profit groups can play an important role in shaping public policy, as well as provide services in areas ignored by governments and businesses. In order to provide this community volunteer perspective, I conducted a Q&A session with fellow Bishop's University grad and fellow Toronto resident, Emma Stainton - a National Accounts Relationship Manager with RBC Global Asset Management.

October 19, 2013

Building Healthy Communities: A Q&A with Peggy Nash

In order to live healthy lives, citizens need to be given the appropriate tools to participate in community building. Elected officials such as city councillors and members of provincial and federal parliaments can help facilitate this process. 

Drew Williams of HEAL4Life and I had an energetic discussion on civic engagement with Peggy Nash, Member of Parliament for Parkdale-High-Park. 

Peggy is a lifelong community activist who started as an airline union organizer and was North America’s first woman to lead negotiations with the automotive industry before becoming MP from 2006 to 2008 and again since 2011.