January 25, 2024

New Port Lands Bridges Site Check

Yesterday, Waterfront Toronto announced the opening of two new bridges along New Cherry and Commissioners Streets. Some members of the cycling community such as Jun and Brian (video at end of post) have already documented the new bridges, while there has been a lively discussion in the “Cycling in Toronto” Facebook group. Since I had the day off work today, I decided to check out the new bridges as well.

Before getting to Cherry Street, I took the Esplanade-Mill bikeway and noticed these recently painted planters just west of Parliament Street. We could use a lot more of these around Toronto. 😊

Just before Cherry Street, a bike right turn lane has been painted in which I haven’t seen there before.

The barricades at Cherry and Lake Shore have been removed, but the protected intersection was open when I last biked past the area after the New Year’s Day group ride.

Someone offered to take my picture with my bike next to the new Cheery Street bridges. The one on the left (east) will be used for streetcars at some point in the future.

Left onto Commissioners Street. Unlike during Jun’s and Brian’s visits, Commissioners is now fully open.

Right now, the raised cycle track is the most attractive feature of Commissioners Street, but I’m sure some greenery will fix that at some point.

Protected intersection design elements can be found everywhere at the Port Lands. Even at this location which has a cutout for a future driveway.

Cyclists can access both sides of the Commissioners Street bridge, but pedestrians can only use the north side.

The start of the Commissioners Street bridge.

The view from the south side doesn’t look much now, but the Don River will eventually flow through here.

After Commissioners Street, I saw a poorly placed “bike lane ends” sign. The bike lane continues, but it is raised to accommodate TTC passenger loading.

Curbs are used for protection on the north side of Commissioners.

Not the best photo of the Commissioners and Don Roadway intersection, but again I love the protected intersection features here.

A view from the north side of the bridge and the DVP – Gardiner ramps.

Michal was also checking out the new Port Lands bridges.

Some workers were laying bricks in the space adjacent to the cycle track.

Several wooden benches could be found along Commissioners.

A view of the southern Cherry Street bridge.

After crossing the southern Cherry Street bridge, I saw a lookout, but it was unfortunately not open at the time.

A pedestrian bridge – and the Commissioners Street bridge – are visible just south of the southern Cherry Street bridge.

Back up Cherry Street with both bridges in view.

Some work is still happening at the mouth of the Don River which is partially iced over.

Crossing the new Cherry Street bridge for the last time.

Since the new bridge is opened, cyclists can no longer bike east of New Cherry Street. The old bridge will eventually be removed.

On my way back home, I took Simcoe Street and noticed some unusual artwork done under the Gardiner.

Last, but not least, I saw a bike lane obstructed with construction for a short distance. A timely reminder for everyone to check out the construction safety virtual town hall on Tuesday, January 30 from 6:00 to 8:00 PM.

Thanks to Waterfront Toronto for a great job with the new bridges! Those who haven’t checked them out yet - or want to visit them again with a group - can do so by joining tomorrow’s Critical Mass ride! Meet 6:15 PM at David Pecaut Square for 6:30 PM departure.

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