October 20, 2022

My List of 2022 Toronto Candidate Endorsements

Over the past several weeks, I have been working with the Toronto Community Bikeways Coalition (TCBC) to interview candidates for the purposes of endorsement, as well as ask them to sign onto our group’s three calls to action. Over 40 council candidates in 22 wards – plus two mayoral candidates – have signed on so far. We have since endorsed Gil Penalosa for Mayor and candidates in the following seven wards:
  • Ward 2 (Etobicoke Centre) – Thomas Yanuziello
  • Ward 3 (Etobicoke – Lakeshore) – Amber Morley
  • Ward 5 (York South – Weston) – Chiara Padovani
  • Ward 9 (Davenport) – Alejandra Bravo
  • Ward 18 (Willowdale) – Markus O’Brien Fehr
  • Ward 20 (Scarborough Southwest) – Kevin Rupasinghe
  • Ward 23 (Scarborough North) – Jamaal Myers
In addition to these seven city council races, I would like to personally support candidates in additional wards, but will add a disclaimer they do not represent the views of TCBC.
Norm Di Pasquale's and Ausma Malik's joint campaign office in Kensington Market

Ward 1 (Etobicoke North)Charles Ozzoude gets my support not only for getting endorsed by progressive groups such as the Toronto & York Region Labour Council, Progress Toronto, and ACORN, but he is the only candidate in that ward who signed onto the TCBC calls to action and is himself an avid cyclist.
Ward 4 (Parkdale – High Park) – The race in my old ward has left me conflicted given my desire to kick out Gord Perks, but the strategic voting option (Siri Agrell) is backed by Mayor John Tory. While I will not endorse in this ward, those who aren’t keen on either choice should not underestimate Chemi Lhamo.
Ward 6 (York Centre) – With James Pasternak’s record on safe streets leaving much to be desired, that ward could use a new voice. One candidate – Mike Arkin – has signed onto the TCBC’s calls to action and is worth looking up.
Ward 7 (Humber River – Black Creek) – The current incumbent Anthony Perruzza has been a mostly reliable supporter of safe streets over the years and deserves to stay in. As much as Chris Mammoliti likes to claim he is not like his father Giorgio – who was one of the biggest opponents to safe streets before he lost in 2018 – I’m not keen on having another Mammoliti getting back in anytime soon.
Ward 8 (Eglinton – Lawrence) – Both the incumbent Mike Colle and challenger Evan Sambisavam have signed onto the calls to action, while Colle’s record on city council has been mostly supportiveof safe streets. While I would support keeping Mike Colle in this time – especially since he’s fairly popular in the community – he needs to retire by 2026 so new voices such as Evan can have a shot.
Ward 10 (Spadina – Fort York)Ausma Malik had planned to run for City Council in 2018 before Premier Doug Ford cut the size of council to 25 wards. She has been endorsed by Progress Toronto and is someone I hope gets in, though some safe streets supporters may be attracted to April Engelberg for her idea of building a bridge to the Toronto Islands.
Ward 11 (University – Rosedale) – I have known Norm Di Pasquale since he led NoJetsTO’s successful campaign to stop Porter Airlines’ plans to fly jets at Billy Bishop Airport. He has a Bike Share Toronto membership and has been very supportive of safe streets. While I support Norm, this race will be tight given some road safety advocates support Dianne Saxe.
Ward 12 (St. Paul’s)Josh Matlow has been one of Mayor John Tory’s most prominent critics and a decent supporter of safe streets. I’m OK with keeping him on City Council.
Ward 13 (Toronto Centre)Chris Moise also planned to run for City Council in 2018, but returned to being re-elected as TDSB Trustee after the council cuts. He has supported people who bike before, so he gets my support in Toronto Centre.
Ward 14 (Toronto Danforth) – Despite opposition from the Greektown BIA in her ward, Paula Fletcher has supported building a complete street on Danforth Avenue as part of ActiveTO in May 2020, as well as made it permanent in December 2021. I support re-electing Paula, but hope she retires by 2026 so other progressives such as Jennifer Story can run.
Ward 15 (Don Valley West) –Jaye Robinson needs to be booted from office given her track record on safe streets is among the worst; especially when it comes to Yonge Street. Both David Ricci and Sheena Sharp have signed onto the TCBC’s calls to action, but the question remains which one has the best chance of defeating Councillor Robinson? Therefore, I will not endorse in this ward.
Ward 16 (Don Valley East) – With Denzil Minnan-Wong not seeking re-election, Jon Burnside has emerged as a frontrunner thanks to Mayor Tory’s endorsement. However, I’m not keen on Burnside and don’t know enough about Stephen Ksiazek’s position on safe streets, so I will not endorse in this ward.
Ward 17 (Don Valley North)Shelley Carroll has been one of the most reliable supporters of safe streets and other progressive causes and therefore deserves re-election.
Ward 19 (Beaches – East York) – While I respect incumbent Brad Bradford for his support on various road safety initiatives over the past four years, his track record on other issues is too aligned with Mayor Tory for my liking. Jennie Worden has become Bradford’s primary challenger and is someone worth considering, but I will not endorse in this ward.
Ward 21 (Scarborough Centre) – With the incumbent Michael Thompson being recently charged with sexual assault, this is a great opportunity to try to get a new councillor in. Two candidates – Hansie Daniel and Kiri Vadivelu – have signed onto the TCBC’s calls to action and would be on my short list. However, I will defer any recommendation of endorsement to groups such as Toronto East Cyclists.
Ward 22 (Scarborough – Agincourt) – While Nick Mantas has become one of the more pro-cycling councillors since his by-election victory in early 2021 – including his support for the (now permanent) Huntingwood bike lanes – he has not signed on to the calls to action while Anthony Internicola has. As with Ward 21, I will defer any endorsements in this ward to Toronto East Cyclists.
Ward 24 (Scarborough – Guildwood)Paul Ainslie is by far the most progressive councillor in Scarborough and has been supportive of expanding Bike Share Toronto into Scarborough. Given his positive safe streets record, I am good with having him re-elected.
Ward 25 (Scarborough – Rouge Park) – At this time, Jennifer McKelvie has not signed onto the TCBC’s calls to action despite her decent record on safe streets, while Jacinta Kanakaratnam signed on. I will defer any endorsement recommendations to Toronto East Cyclists.

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